Do you need…

  • a new office space but are not sure about how much space you need?
  • to reconfigure your office space, but don’t know how to optimize your existing furniture and spaces with the new needs?
  • to reorganize your office or home space?
  • to “find” more space within your existing property, residential or commercial?

Let me help you!

I’ve been working with office space development and change management for over 15 years.

Commercial Design and Development Services

  • Project management
  • Workplace development consulting
    • management visioning sessions and workshops
    • space needs analysis and generation of strategic key performance indicators
    • employee needs analysis (surveys, space utilization studies, workshops)
    • change management sessions and communication
  • Strategic design and concept generation
    • workplace design concepts
    • space planning
    • participative approach and tools
    • assessment of design and layout solutions and suggestions
  • Relocation management and coordination
    • layouts and move management
    • end user information and communication
  • Post occupancy evaluations